Thursday, November 7, 2013

My OneYear Old...

It seems like that first year of life just flies by...
sometimes I look at my one year old baby 
and still expect to see the tiny 7lb baby she started out as.
You can so tell that Angelina is 3rd child...
this girl  can hold her own...
I have a feeling she is going to be quite the little 
spit-fire girl!
One day James had taken a toy away from her,
She screamed and took the toy back...
she then used that toy to whack her brother on the head!
I didn't know if I should have disciplined 
James for taking the toy,
or her for hitting!
Guess they worked it all out!
Angelina has a favorite place...
the little rocking chair beside her crib. 
If ever she is missing,
I find her,
all alone in the bedroom,
just rocking. 
Too cute!
Her other favorite thing to do is 
feed her baby doll.
She loves dolls.
She will find a doll bottle and a baby
and sit and feed and feed her baby!
Melts my heart every single time!
I have a feeling Elsie is going to take after her 
sister and be a bag lady!
She already loves to find a bag and fill it full of 
She will usually just put a couple blocks in a bag,
carry it around for a few seconds,
then plop down and empty the bag again.
She is too funny...
and easily entertained!
Last week
{and this week}
Angelina has been working on teething...
last week the top eye teeth and molars popped through.
This week we are waiting on the lower
eye teeth and molars.
So she has kinda been a moody little thing!
moody or not...
Angelina can brighten any day with her sweet little smile
and hug.
Perfect little lady...

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