Monday, August 5, 2013

Wanna-be Walker...

 Baby is becoming far too 
quick and comfortable on those 
little feet of hers!
I have a feeling she will be walking 
well before her first birthday...
Its always exciting to those 
first wobbly little steps..
but it's sad to see my baby 
grow up so fast...
I don't think I am quite ready for my baby 
to enter toddler hood!
The most she has taken has 
been 2 little wobbly steps at one time...
then she falls down!
She always smiles,
squeals and claps her hands
before she walks...
It always looks like she is proud 
of herself!
When this little lady isn't 
trying to walk,
she is crawling
{at high speed}
toward something 
she isn't supposed to have!
Busy, busy
little lady...

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