Wednesday, January 2, 2013

St. Lucia Day...

It seems like this time of the year
is always crazy busy...
a good busy,
a memory making busy..
but, by the first of the year,
I am always more than ready to slow down
and just be!
December 13
we celebrated
St Lucia Day with our traditional
breakfast in bed.
This year all the holiday festivities were
super fun
because Elsie is old enough to remember
all the fun little things we do every year...
Everything we did was met with a
"we do it like this every year"
It made me happy!
We enjoyed our traditional breakfast meal...
baby pancakes
with frosting on the side for dipping
pineapple slices
lemon water...
all served on the fancy little
glass china dishes.
And since St Lucia is known as the
saint of Light
our breakfast tray aways
has a lit candle...
next year Elsie will be old enough
to have a wreath of candles on her head
and to be the server.
This year our Bed was the living room floor...
Throughout the entire
Christmas season
the kids have slept on the floor in front of the
Christmas tree...
just one more fun little memory for them!
We ended our Breakfast with some
little St Lucia colouring sheets...
{which they never finished colouring}
and I tried to read them the
meaning of St Lucia day
{But it wasn't very interesting
and I slowly faded out and they never noticed!}

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