Friday, January 18, 2013


It's Friday.
Thank goodness.
It's been a long and boring week here.
We have been stuck at home
under quarantine...
James has had the
Chicken pox since Saturday.
And Jon is in the middle of a
2 week tour out of town...
so it's been an even longer week!
1. Playing paper dolls together.

2. Happiest baby...
She is so much fun...
all the smiles and giggles!
3. Every day these two need to have
their sister bonding time!
4. Jon's mom works at Costco...
So she sent home a
5lbs Salted Nut Roll!
Jon was happy.
He has a sweet tooth.
And he doesn't even have to share it
since the rest of us can't eat peanuts!
5. Cute little man.
This week he potty trained himself!
He woke up,
put on some undies and hasn't had an
accident yet!
Not going to complain,
just thought it would be a little tougher than that!
He even wakes up at night to
pee and wakes up in the
morning dry!
6. Love to cuddle my girl!
7. Elsie has been into drawing
brides and grooms!
So creative!
Love the detail!
8. Shaving cream and
little cars.
Messy, but fun!
Bath time followed play time!
9. I have spent a lot of time
crafting this week!
Love creating!
10. I do not love the messes
that come along
with crafting!
11. Deep conversation going on...
12. He wore his pants like this
all day long!
Comfy, I'm sure!
13. We have spent a fair amount of time
cuddling this week.
Poor boy and those darn pox!
14. Trying out the new headband
I made for her...
From a pair of tights and
some rolled fabric flowers.
Cute, cute!
15. Wednesday was the worst day
of the pox.
So many red painful spots
he could hardly walk.
You know he must have felt tough
if he was napping!
16. Some nights I like to just cuddle
Angelina and relish her
17. Angelina is still smaller
than the
huge dolly!
18. Peaceful slumber...
19. We made a felt
Angelina would made a cute boy!

20.  This week
Angelina learned how to
reach for toys!
She loves her toy bar!
21. We downloaded a new app.

life rearranged

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