Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bell Ringing

Every year one of our
Christmas Traditions is to go
Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army...
For the last few years,
Ted and Ceara have taken care of
booking the bell ringing spot
and give everyone an open invitation to
join in the fun!
My kids were very excited and eagerly
waited over a month for the
day to arrive!

My kids love to dress appropriately
for festive functions...
so they dressed as little elves...
they wore
holiday clothes,
dyed their hair red and
added glitter to their noses!
And the elf hat topped it off...
James took his job of bell ringing
very seriously!
He stood up tall and rang the bell with a very
strait face.
He is too funny!
Elsie and I had a little talk about
why we bell ring and
how its important to have
a giving heart...
so this year she
not only took her job seriously,
but she knew it was an important job!
I love this picture...
When we are all together,
you will know it..
by the sounds of laughter!
The kids would all be talking, laughing
and having a good time...
then someone would come
and drop money in the kettle...
and the kids would get silent,
only quickly saying
'Merry Christmas'
then hand out a little candy cain...
then as soon as the people walked away
the laughter would resume!
Our post was in the mall...
just down the hall from
James saw Santa and said he wanted to
sit on his lap.
I said sure...
thinking he wouldn't really.
But that boy fooled me and marched right up to
Santa all by himself...
sat on his lap, got a candy cane
then walked back to me!
I was shocked!
I thought my kids were shy!?
Because I didn't think he would really sit on his lap,
I chose not to pay the $20 for a pix..
so I have no pix to show of it!
James talked Ted into bringing him over
to Santa again...
but Santa was on break
so they just walked around instead.
And little
Miss Angelina just slept through it all...
how she slept through all those bells ringing
is beyond me!
What a fun afternoon...

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admin said...

I Love this! Your family is awesome.

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