Monday, November 19, 2012

4 Weeks...

If any of my readers are not a fan
of lots and lots of
sweet baby pix,
you better stop reading!
I have a feeling there will be no end of
Baby Angelina pictures for a long time!
Today Angelina is 4 weeks old!
It seems unbelievable that just
4 weeks ago Angelina wasn't here...
what did we do without her?
 These pictures were all taken when she was
two and a half weeks old...
One morning, before breakfast even,
I did a little photo shoot of the baby...
We have the best morning and afternoon light that
shines in on our bed...
the perfect spot for Baby pictures!
 The kids are still just as in
with her as the day she was born.
No sibling rivalry here...
just love.
Well, just love for the baby...
James and Elsie can fight like there is no tomorrow.
We are working on that whole
showing each other we are thankful for one another thing.
Not going over so well!
 Angelina is a little cuddle bug!
She loves to be rocked and cuddled.
She snuggles right in.
Her favorite position is either up on my shoulder
with her little face nestled into my neck,
or facing outwards...
the kids love her facing outwards
because they think she is watching them play.
 Just this past week her 0-3 month clothes
have started to fit her better.
I think she has long arms...
All her newborn sleepers look like
short sleeves on her!
 I find it funny that there is only
1 person who she will take a bottle from...
I am like a cow and can pump sometimes
4oz after a feeding...
so you can only imagine the milk supply we have
in the freezer!
Elsie has tried a couple times to give her a bottle
and so have I...
she refuses it.
But Daddy comes home and offers her a bottle,
and she takes the whole thing just fine for him.
Talk about favorites!
 Sweet little babe...
even though she has only been here 4 weeks,
I can't imagine life without her...

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