Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Phone Dump...

Can you believe it...
I managed to do an Embrace the Camera post yesterday...
and a Friday Phone Dump post today!
 I feel amazing!
Since I haven't done a Phone Dump post in so long this is going to be long!
1. The kids have found a new favorite place to play at my parents house...the sandbox!
 2. Elsie is having a few food issues that we are working on...
she only wants what she wants...and a bit of fit will be had when she doesn't get her way! We are working on it!
3. This week my routine Dr. apt turned into an afternoon visit...I was hooked up to the monitors and had another ultrasound.
And I was given the sentence of bedrest!
Though I am not a very good patient and am up far too much...
I exasperate my mother!
4. The weather this week has been perfectly lovely!
Not hot and humid, just pleasantly warm...with a breeze!
So the kids have spent plenty of time outside.
5. Elsie is creative...
one day she made a paper mask...
Looks a little freaky in my opinion!
6. Last week I discovered that James has 3 of his 2 year old molars!
I didn't even know he was working on new teeth and they are all the way through!
7. Several weeks ago I noticed James had a black toe nail.
He is a wild child, so I truly have no clue what he did to give himself a black toe!
Now the toe nail fell off!
He is SO proud of that toe with no nail...
and we kept the lost nail in a little baggie so he could show daddy!
8. Elsie and I were sending goodnight kisses to Daddy, who was working out of town...
9. When a 2 year old has no nap and plays hard all day...
he might fall asleep very early while watching a show!
Just for the record, this has never happened before and I have high doubts that it will happen again!
10. I have been busy making plenty of little hair bows for Angelina's hair!
This one is her "going home" bow.
It matches her "going home" outfit perfectly!
11. I think my kids are wild!
I don't even know what possesses them sometimes!
Elsie loves to climb the closet shelf.
And last weekend James climbed on the kitchen counter and Jumped off!
On purpose. I have no clue why!
12. My little guy loves Candy...
{and wearing no shoes in stores!}
He calls candy "ana" and makes the ASL sign for candy!
I think this boy will always use sign language!
13. The new pink carseat cover came in the mail!
 Love it!
14. Playing Little House on the Prairie has been a very big thing lately.
My son looks pretty good as an old fashioned girl!
15. Baby socks and blankets...
Pink, pink, pink!
Can't wait to see those little baby toes in those little socks!
16. A fresh tablecloth and some bright flowers...
they brighten up the whole room and make me smile!

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