Thursday, July 5, 2012

James Man...

 My little James- man is a pretty happy little fellow...but, like any almost 2 year old, he is a bit happier when he gets his own way! James will be two in just one more week...though we already had a big party for him on the 4th. {perhaps I will get around to posting pictures in the next few weeks!}
Like I said James is a happy little fellow...his mind is always spinning...he is an explorer...whether it be the Tupperware cabinet or the search for frogs and salamanders with the older the kids, James is right there exploring! James new love is the water hose...he firmly believes that if he is going to be outside the hose needs to be on...and on full blast at that! He loves to do "Nitro Circus" stunts while yelling out "Nitro" at the top of his lungs...stunts like, falling off his trike or jumping off a piece of furniture. We is Wild! He also believes almost everything is either a 4-wheeler or a dirt bike and should make a very, very, very loud reving up noise...just today he was told to either put a muffler on or go to the other room! He also loves to gross his sister doing things like putting his butt on her and trying to let out a little toot! Or pooping in the bath-tub...that one grosses out both his sister and his mother...which makes James giggle all the harder!
James is not typically a gentle and calm child...he is often rough and wild...but he does have quite a soft spot when it comes to babies and if someone gets hurt. If someone should so much as talk about a owie he runs for a band-aid or several!
With turning 2 also comes the love of becoming very independent! He can turn on those heart wrenching tears pretty quickly when things don't go quite his way! His favorite new phrase is, "did it!" He no longer likes help to do simple things like take his clothes off or put clothes on...which is why sometimes his shorts are on backwards! He likes to unscrew the cap from the milk jug and "help" to pour the milk in his cereal. He likes to open up his own band aid wrapper and stick a band aid {or several} on an owie. I'm sure you get the picture here...James has become a very independent child! This new found Independence makes life pretty exciting, I tell ya!

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