Monday, June 11, 2012

Hot Days...

This last week the weather has been perfect summer weather...some days it even got as high as 90'! I love hot summer days, so you won't hear me complaining...that said, I also love my central air! My kids love warm weather too because they know that warm weather means we will head to beach! These pictures are from our second trip to the beach this season...I am sure before long my blog will be post after post of beach pictures!

Ceara and I brought my kids and the 2 little aunties to the beach...we met up with Lisa, her boyfriend Jordaan and his 2 little was a fun afternoon!
There are 2 public beach areas around the big lake in town...and this one is our favorite...because it is just a few miles from my parents house and there is never anyone there! So we spread our blankets and just enjoy ourselves.
The kids all had fun...wadding in the water and building in the sand...Emma, Elsie and James had fun playing with Jordaan's brother Carter. Emma has quite the little crush on Carter, and it's so darn cute!!
James is a water man...he has no fear at all. I guess he must think I have enough fear for the both of us! This past weekend we bought him a life jacket so he can walk out on the dock and go in the deeper water without giving me a heart attack!
Proof that I was at the beach also! Having to be careful to not over-do it in the summer is the worst thing ever...I love to be out and about...and the idea of staying home to lay on the couch is just too much for me. Thankfully we can drive up super close to the beach area so I don't have to walk far...and I just lay down on the beach blanket and take it easy. Thankfully my sisters are all more than willing to go run after James before he drowns himself while I just lay there!
Elsie loves the beach...she begs to go all the time...last week she wore her swimsuit almost all week long...that includes sleeping in it at night! I think it is safe to say she loves summer! We had to buy her another suit so she could wear one while washing the other...she is funny!
I would love to boast about how well my children get along...but, I think this picture proves otherwise...fighting over a sand bucket...silly...and trust me, we had plenty of buckets, dishes and cups with's not like they had to fight over that one! They did eventually figure it out...
See, all is well...James let his sister have the bucket so he could grab a cup and have a nice cool swig of lake water! Yum! Jordaan quickly spoke up and said that his brother drinks swamp water, so a little lake water won't kill em'. Good to know! {James is still alive today, so Jordaan must have been right!}

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