Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Day..

Most of these pictures speak for themselves...so this post will be light on the words...and it is getting late and I am tired!
Christmas morning...the kids got up at the regular time of 8:00/8:30. Jon and I were still tired so maybe we assured the kids it was the middle of the night and they had to go back to bed...but they are smart and knew better...and they really, really wanted to see what Santa left for them! Santa leaves their little packages either on their pillows or on the bed-side table so it is the first thing they see when they wake up! James opened up some do-a-dot stamper markers. He loves them!
Elsie had one request for Santa...an Mp3 player. When I told her Santa usually only bring little gifts...meaning something not so spendy...she assured me an Mp3 player was quite small, but if Santa would rather she would take an ipod. She is too funny!
But, low and behold, Santa likes to please! He brought her a fancy touch screen Mp3 player! She was just slightly happy!! Let me tell ya, that little player has quite the speakers...we have music in the house 90% of the time now!
Jon got creative this year and made a latch sensory board for James. He used a picture I found on pinterest as inspiration. Both kids love playing with it!

Elsie was happy to open up a dolly sling...and cloth dolly diapers, wiped and doll clothes!

Someone got a little remote control fire truck!

Daddy and James have matching Carhart hats!
Elsie, helping James ride on the new scooter she got him for Christmas!
We are making it a point to always get the kids a gift together...something they can both use and enjoy together. This year they opened up new sleds and snow shovels and a stack of new storybooks!
We always wear our Christmas pj's to bed on Christmas eve so we can wake up and open gifts and look all festive...Elsie picked out this shirt for Jon to wear...the Grinch! I think it is pretty special. We had a perfect Christmas day...happy kids and relaxed parents!

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