Thursday, January 12, 2012


Three days after Christmas we celebrated my 29th Birthday. Last year was my golden birthday...and it never dawned on me it was my golden birthday until 6 months after the fact! This year Jon was out of town working on my the kids and I made a birthday cake...and we went up town and bought candles. Elsie insisted we buy the number first she suggested we buy the number 4!
 We brought the cake over to my parents house...after the kids worked together on putting tons of pink sprinkles on it..and the green frosting in the middle is supposed to be a tornado...courtesy of Elsie! Love that girl...
 James was rather upset because he wanted to eat that cake Right Now! See how happy he was after he was able to swipe a fingerful of frosting-
 Elsie loves to give birthday Daddy helped her pick out a special gift while shopping at Target...a sparkly aqua coloured phone case! Elsie was relaying the story of finding the gift to me..."When I first saw it my heart stopped because I loved it so much for you! But Daddy had to tell me what it was because I didn't know what in the heck it even was!" Oh my, gotta love her dramatic little self!
Can't wait to see what kind of grand adventures this last year of my 20's holds for me!
I am linking up with Embrace the Camera over at the Anderson blog...Just because it has been quite a while since I have linked up!


tasha said...

Happy birthday! Looks like it was fun, and, I love your earrings!

Jenny K said...

Happy Birthday! I hit 29 this month as well! :)

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