Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pinatas and Sunday's...

Keeping with Elsie's birthday outline, after opening the gifts it was time for the Pinata! It seems that lately no Birthday at our house is complete unless we have a Pinata!
 Even James got a turn at whacking the Pinata. James actually spent most of his time dancing to the Crazy Frog cd we had turned up...he loves that cd!
It seems that most things you buy in town are cheap and not made very well...Pinatas are not like that at all! I will have you know that no matter how hard the kids whacked at that darn Pinata it would not break!
 Finally someone whacked it hard enough to make a corner break open a little, tiny Jon just shook the candy out...and we discovered that Pinatas are really just a cardboard box all decorated up! No wonder they are un-breakable!
 Candy, candy, candy...too much candy! The Pinata was filled to the top with of the perks of having a birthday right after Halloween is buying 50% off Halloween candy to fill a pinata with!
 After the Pinata, it was time for the Ice-Cream Sunday's! Jon bought several containers of dairy-free ice cream while in Iowa and stored them in his cooler with lots of ice! {we couldn't find any large containers around here...but HyVee in Iowa has everything!} We even bought some little Sunday cups from the Dairy Queen so it would feel like we were eating Dairy Queen Sundays!
 We had a little collection of sprinkles and toppings...a Make-your-own Sunday buffet! Very fun...and a special treat for everyone since ice-cream is a very rare treat!
 And just to make it a little more festive we had fancy little umbrellas...everything is better with a fancy umbrella! baby girl is 4 now...what a fantastic little party...she went to bed a very happy little girl that night...

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