Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I love having my nails painted...I always chose pink with sparkles...because that is just who I am. Elsie, on the other hand, chooses the wild colours like florescent green, purple, orange...sometimes a different colour for each finger. She has a little more nail adventure than me, for sure!
A few weeks ago I splurged and bought myself some O.P.I. crackle paint...I don't like it...it looks sloppy to me. Like my polish is chipping off and I touched it up with a different colour. Drives me crazy. My sisters though Love their crackle...and it looks so good on them.
These pictures were taken one afternoon when Elsie and I descided to pull the basket of nail polish out during James nap time. {I also had to pull out the trusty tripod!}
Elsie refuses to let me paint her nails...she is 4 years old...and 4 year old's do their own nails! Sometimes her independence makes me a little sad...I miss doing the little things, like painting her nails!
I think her bottle of hot pink, strawberry scented polish is almost gone...It lasted a year...which is amazing since she uses gobs and gobs of paint on each little nail!
I love how careful Elsie is when she paints...Love that Kids have no concept of time! I find that I slap that polish on a bit too quickly and wave my arms around in the air like a madwoman to get them to dry quicker...because I know from experience that as soon as I get the polish on and almost dried, James wakes up from his nap and I will smudge my nails while cuddling my little guy. But I don't let the fear of smudges stop me...Elsie and I both have a need to look beautiful everyday, no matter what...even just a boring at home day!
Elsie and I...doin' our nails...a perfect mother-daughter memory maker...

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