Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beach Night...

These are old pictures again...from the last days of August. Jon was still home recovering from surgery and we were enjoying every minute of Family Time we could. The end of August was not a very warm time...but this evening the weather was perfect...not too hot, not to cold. Perfect weather for enjoying the beach. We met my parents at the beach...and Laura's boyfriend, Ryan...he and his mom were gracious enough to bring their boat over so everyone could enjoy some boat rides and do a little tubing!

Playing at the beach is so much better better when wearing Red Sparkly Shoes! {we almost forgot the shoes at the beach...that would have been major drama had they been gotten forgotten!} 
Everyone took turns going for rides. It was a fun little treat! I think we should all pool our $ together and buy a little boat for more fun family times! James loved the boat...I think he road in the boat most of the time.
Jon had just had surgery a week before...and was told he could not submerge his leg for a month until everything was healed. Had I not been at the lake too, I know he would have gone against the Doctor's orders and went tubing!
Laura and Ryan on the tube. I have a ton more pictures of the tubing and water skiing...but I am not posting them. At some point I am sure my Mom will post some on her Blog.
My {crazy} Man...
I have posted before that Jon climbs towers for his job...when he is home it is hard for him to stay on the ground! I don't think Jon will ever grow up completely...and that makes me happy. Sometimes you just have enjoy life! 
I would like to point out that due to just having knee surgery Jon was using a wooden cane to walk with...he layed the cane down on the ground then proceeded to climb the serpent. Some days I feel like I have 3 children!

Jon took the kids over to the big Serpent and helped them climb up on it. I am glad Jon knows how to be a fun Daddy...
Love this picture of James...waiting patiently for his turn!

Happy Kids, Perfect evening. Thank you Ryan {and his mom, I don't remember her name!} for the fun boat rides!

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