Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Photo Dump...

Friday Photo Dump...I love doing this phone photo dump...I have been known to store way, way to many photos on my phone!
Last Friday Jon, the kids and I ventured into town to bring Grandma b. a special treat for her vacation...and since we were in town we had to stop off at Target. Elsie simply must sit on the big red balls in front of Target every time we go...won't be long and James won't be contented to just watch his sister!
My sister, Lisa and I finally went to check out the new store in town...With a name like "Big Daddy's Deals" how can you not want to check it out! For the last year we have make jokes about needing to check it we did...didn't buy anything...but found lots of wishful thinking things!

My mom, the kids and I went on a car the mine pits...we drove all the way to the overlook. I had never been there before...and it was simply beautiful! I have some photo shoots in my head that will be taking place there...

The mine pits...very lovely...I am too afraid to swim there though! a baby...I know!

A hot air balloon ride! We went down to the local park to enjoy some live music...and to our surprise we found a giant hot air balloon! We waited in line and got a ride...very fun!

Have you even seen such a neat car!? If only I didn't need a place for a couple carseats, diaper bags, stroller, etc...I would want a car like is!

A great find...a cool old chair I found at a garage sale...for Free! Perfect for photo shoots...can't wait to use it! {Jon loves coming home and finding these treasures in his garage!}

My little more sippy cups for him! He is a pro at a big boy cup now. If we give him a sippy cup with dinner he lunges across the table and does his best to steal his sister's cup!

Elsie Jane...sometimes dinner turns into a free for all!

The aunties grew too old for their dolly highchair...and handed it down to a very grateful Elsie...we now have to set the table for dolly, too!

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