Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A few weeks ago we got rain...lots and lots of rain! When the week long rain showers finally ended it left some perfect mud puddles in the yard!
Mud and children go together...children simply must play in mud!

Elsie began playing in the mud with her mud boots on...but soon the boots came off...to properly play in the mud one must feel the mud squish between the toes! And notice that both the kids feel a need to have a stick in their hand and all times! Elsie's stick is a walking stick and James's stick is his gun! Love their imagination...

The kids had so much in this puddle...they played in the puddle for a long time!

Love this picture...this little guy has quite a stride! He is starting to be a very fast walker...he almost runs!

Always a stick in hand...he puts the stick out in front of him and makes a "boom, boom, boom..." noise...a boy and his imaginary gun!

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