Monday, June 20, 2011

Road Trip...

A couple weeks ago we packed our bags...(okay laundry basket!)...and headed out of town on a road trip! Jon was working out of town all weekend so it was just the kids and I. Our destination was was my sister's house...a 4-5 hour celebrate the baptism of baby Gus. We packed light...a little cooler, a bag of snacks and the laundry basket for clothes...and a little bucket of toys for the car ride. We have a DVD player...and I so wish I could pop a movie in and the kids would remain captivated for just isn't the case for my children! My kids simply do not get into watching tv...they play imaginary play with silly things like twisty-ties...markers and with eachother...scream...oh I mean, sing at the top of their lungs! Elsie is a perfect little rider...James is getting better...slowly!
We made it the first couple hours alone...we then stopped along the way to pick up my sister, Ceara, so she could drive the rest of the way with me. Don't know what I would do without my sisters! While we were waiting for Ceara to get done at work the kids and I found a little park with with a splash pad. The perfect place to burn off some energy before getting back in the car a few more hours.

Since were not expecting to find a splash pad we didn't have swim suits on or even have a towel! I told the kids to get as wet as they wanted and we would figure the rest out later...but they were a little overwhelmed by all the people in the splash the playground provided lots of fun for them!

Love this picture...holding hands...everyone needs a friend in a new situation!

After an hour or so...and a quick trip to the mall to visit The Children's sister was done with work and we were back on the road. Soon hunger set in and we were forced to find a Taco John's (thank goodness for GPS!) We found a Taco John's with a table outside...perfect for a little picnic!

Taco, strawberries and grapes for the girl...Ole Lays, strawberries and grapes for the boy. Yum!

Elsie enjoyed having Auntie Ceara traveling with us...she even stayed at the hotel with us! We miss Ceara since she is away at school...can't wait till she moves back!

While were eating James had a "thing" with this big shrub! He would go walk over to the shrub, babble to it and hold onto a leaf for a minute...then walk away! Not sure why...but it kept him busy and happy!

It was a long car ride...but the kids did good. Maybe James had a little (or maybe big!) melt-down before falling asleep. We were thrilled to finally get to the hotel! Don't know if I mentioned this before or not...but it is a long car ride!

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