Tuesday, June 14, 2011


A few weeks ago the kids took the little play tipi out to play with...they then had to come running inside for blankets and pillows...and big containers of water...not sure what they were playing but they sure were having fun!
Love this picture of Elsie...she was spitting water out at the little aunties...as they ran away screaming she would laugh until she could hardly catch her breath!

Looks so cozy! I love looking out in the yard and seeing the kids playing...nothing is better that the sound of children's laughter...makes my heart happy!

James loves playing with the aunties, too! They enjoy playing house and pretending he is their baby...he even lets them dress him up as a girl baby sometimes!

A happy little guy...he gets so excited when he gets to be included in the kids play!

Elsie and her dolly...Elsie loves to play house with her dolls...she would play dolls and make believe all day if she could...love her mind!

Something about summer makes the mind a little more creative, ordinary things a little more fun, the eyes shine a little brighter...love outside summer play!

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