Tuesday, June 21, 2011


After little Gus's Baptism we headed back to Ana and Brandon's house for a little party...the weather was perfect...warm and sunny! Perfect for an outside party! Ana had lots of yummy food...I think my favorite must have been the rice crispy popsicles...at least I took enough pictures of them!
All of our family and most of Brandon's family were there...a nice size party. I am sorry to say that simply because of the number in our family we have a tendency to monopolize the party...I don't think I muttered more than 3 words to anyone in Brandon's family...not because I am rude...simply because we are a big crowd and kinda self-entertaining! so...sorry, Brandon's family!

Babies, babies, babies...there is never quite enough babies to go around. Everyone in our family is simply goo-goo over babies! Gus really is an adorable little guy...and so perfectly happy! My little guy is adorable, too...and super busy!

Marissa and baby Gus...Emma has labeled Marissa as a "baby hogger!"

Because at every party there must be at least one dork! What is it about eating pictures...I have yet to have seen a good eating picture! I just had to include it...makes me laugh...it was one good piece of cake for sure!

Poor James was tired...so tired...we were not letting him nap so he would sleep on the ride home! He was not a very happy camper for the last hour or so before we left...when he gets tired he gets into things way more than normal...and he wouldn't leave the garbage can alone...so I plopped him inside the garbage can! From the look on his face it didn't make him happy!

It was a very warm day outside...so Ana put the sprinkler up for the kids to run through...and they had a blast! love those matching swimsuits!

James fell in love with Oliver's little lawn mower! He pushed that thing all around the yard...it was so cute! Someone just might be getting their own little lawn mower for a first birthday coming up soon!

Water hose fun...

James doesn't quite know what to think about Gus...he is happy just to poke him a little then run off to play! These two will have lots of fun playing together when they get older...

Playing with our babies...love this picture!

All the sisters...and the brother! Don't be fooled and feel sorry for that one boy among all those sisters...I will just say that he can hold his own pretty darn good!

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