Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We do a lot of online shopping around is far easier than packing the kids up between lunch and nap times to go no store can compete to the vast options online! The best part is having packages arrive in the is like Christmas everyday! Now that the Gluten Free grocery store closed in town we have buying things from Amazon in bulk so we don't run out! Our first shipment was 5 bags of Red Bob Gluten Free oats...these are the best oats for making cookies!
The next shipment was pancake mix, crackers, CF chocolate chips, rice flour and cod live oil...our pantry is now well stocked!
And we found a little something to keep me busy...a new sewing book! I love the Anna Maria Horner projects...I have wanted this book since before James was born...and I decided I better get it now before he gets too big for all the projects!
I have the little pajama pants all ready to be sewn together...and I think the next project might be this little coat!

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Little Momma said...

thanks for the reminder! i am g-free and we just moved to a small town w/ few g-free products even at the local health store. i am on my way back over to amazon.

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