Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We are from when the high temp of the day is 1' we treat it like a heat wave and just have to get out and get some of that fresh air! I am not joking at all about the temps...we have had ice on the roads for the last several weeks because it just doesn't warm up at all to melt it! But the freezing cold weather doesn't keep us in...just makes us bundle up a bit more before we go out!
Elsie has a need for fresh air...a few days ago the high was about 10' and Elsie had to stand outside for a minute and breathe in some fresh air...and she was wearing just her jeans, shirt and winter boots! What can I say...she is a girl from the north!
As cold as it is and as tired of winter that everyone it is hard to look outside and not smile. It is simply BEAUTIFUL! I cannot believe how long all the snow has been sticking to the looks so magical...
This is the view of our back yard a few weeks can you not find it lovely to look at? That said Jon, Elsie and I have been dreaming of summer...the slip and slide, trips to the beach, picnics, GREEN grass, flip-flops...I think I have just talked myself into really, really, really wanting summer to come RIGHT NOW!!

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