Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Silly Girl...

Elsie and more of her funky style...I hope no one is getting tired of seeing Elsie in her funky clothes...because I can guarantee I will be posting many more pictures like these! Every time I see her in a funky get-up I can't help but smile, smother a laugh and take picture or two...I want to capture her style and free spirit as much as possible...I really think 3 is the best age...I am having such a blast with a 3 year old!
That said...she has plenty of bad and annoying habits! Her latest annoying thing is repeating and repeating herself...like saying over and over and over (7 times...I counted!) "I am hungry, I am hungry..." gets pretty old pretty fast! Persistence is her thing lately! And her sense of style does get her into trouble sometimes,too...One day she had a HUGE fit with tears and everything because I would not let her wear her princess dress up dress to Target shopping in 18' weather...yes, I am that bad of a mother! After being told we would just stay home if she didn't wear warm clothes she said..."fine, I will wear this boring stupid dress!" Just for the record it was not boring...it just lacked the sparkles and be-dazzled-ness she always wants to wear...and to her stupid is a a good descriptive word to describe anything that doesn't go her way! Could be worse!

Gotta love this three year old girl...her crazy and annoying ways and her fun, lovable and sweet ways...what would I do without my three year old girl to keep a smile on my face!?

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