Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Love this picture...this is how James and Elsie sleep every night...all cuddled together! James starts the night in the bassinet and Elsie starts in her bed...but for some reason they both wake up in mommy and daddy's bed...they know where they feel safe, I guess...I am not about to complain though...nothing is better than having my babies all snuggled up cozy and safe in bed with me...children are babies for far to short of time not to enjoy and cherish every moment.
I have discovered that James will never wake up completely until I pick him up and start talking to him...he lays in bed and kicks his feet, then lays still for a minute before kicking them again...he does this over and over until I pick him up...then he opens his eyes and is full of smiles!

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carla said...

ha, i remember the days when your dad & i would wake up with two and three kids in bed with us -- every single night, for years!!

...those were the days! enjoy them, because they really do go by waay too quickly!


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