Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have a love hate relationship with this lovely swing...I love that it keeps Elsie entertained for very long stretches of time....but I hate that this swing seems to need her at the worst times dinner time or on her way to the bathroom...she honestly cannot walk past the swing without taking a quick swing on it...

I grew up with a swing or a trapeze hanging in the living it is perfectly natural for me to want a swing hanging in my house...I think it is totally natural...but one day we had a repair man here and every time he walked past it he looked at it as the craziest thing ever...some people just don't get childhood fun!!

1 comment:

carla said...

ha, what is more natural than a swing hanging in the house!?? not to mention that it's great for coordination and getting rid of all that energy too! you kids always loved our swing - and our trapeze was downight annoying, but man, did you kids have fun on it, doing all those flips and dangling by one leg, ha!!

enjoy, elsie!!


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