Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Away...

Our weekend away stared with a long car ride...4 hours! We rode with my parents and the it was a loud trip with lots of loud singing and crazy-ness! Elsie rode extremely well...we never head a peep from her the whole way...Uncle Colter did a very good job of entertaining her for the last 2 hours of the trip!
When we got to the motel we headed for the pool...Elsie enjoyed floating in her floaty and playing with her aunties. Jon and I were lucky enough to talk to kids into taking Elsie in the pool so we could soak in the hot tub!
After we got done swimming Elsie enjoyed running up and down the long hall to our room. Sometimes Jon would stand at one end of the hall and I would stand at the other and she would run back and forth! She would get running so fast she would trip over her feet!

I love this picture of can tell just how fast she is running!

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