Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Do With Winter Blues...

Just grab some markers and draw on your belly...or someone elses! Today when we were visiting with the aunties and uncle that is what they decided to do! I think they were writing valentine notes on each other!
Even Elsie got in on the fun! She thought this so much fun! The first thing she did when Jon came home was show him her belly art!
Not sure why her belly says Colter...but she loves the art work!

Auntie Emma got very into decorating her own belly! What will they all think of next!?I just hope these were washable markers...or Elsie will have a little heart around her belly button for awhile!


carla said...

they were washable markers ... the marker came off emma's tummy with no problem - just a bit of soap and water.

i remember all you older kids doing this very same thing on your tummies and up and down your legs, when you were younger, too - y'all called it your 'tattoos!'

shoot - look how many times some of you (when you were teenagers) drew all over yourselves, too - fancy colorful flames and more elaborate designs! ha! and then remember the 'tattoos' a few of you girls came home with from the state fair? i really did about flip out when i saw them - they looked so real and i believed they really were the real thing for awhile!

ah, but i don't mind that these little kids do these sorts of things - i love all their silly creativity! i feel bad for the kids who aren't allowed to do some of these wild and funky things.


ana said...

Oh, my much fun! just wait until they tattoo their faces!! at least you can hide the tummies!

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