Friday, February 6, 2009

Preparing for Valentine's Day

Today Elsie I made some little tulle bags of candy hearts for her aunties and uncle for a Valentine gift...
Elsie carefully places each piece of candy on the tulle...after tasting a few pieces! I did try to pick out all the pre-chewed ones she lovingly places on the tulle also! The kids will have to think of the wet ones as a kiss!
The finished product! This is the first craft project that Elsie has really understood how to do it...can't wait to make May Day baskets next!

1 comment:

carla said...

oh well ... we're all pretty hearty around here and not afraid of a few germs!! i remember lots of you kids helping with the frosting of cookies - lots of times the frosting would get licked off the cookie and then the child would re-frost it and put it back in the cookie container and then someone else would come along and eat it, not knowing a little kid had licked and then re-frosted that same cookie!! but we all survived!!

i like your idea of the tulle candy bag - and it's neat that elsie 'understood' what to do. maybe she's going to grow up to be a crafter, just like the rest of us! cool!

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