Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More New Diapers...

Today we got more diapers in the mail! Love all the neat colours! These are some all-in-one Mom assures me cloth diapers today are far to confusing and more work that they used to be when she just used pins and rubber pants! I refuse to use pins and rubber pants...sorry mom! There are certainly lots of choices when it comes to cloth now we have several different brands and styles to far we like them all!

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carla said...

true - i just don't understand all the hoopla over these new-fangled diapers & diaper covers. we used to just buy packages of gerber brand cloth diapers, regular rubber pants and diaper pins, and that's how we diaperd our babies - and our kids were diapered just fine, i might add! if we needed a thicker diaper, we simply used two diapers folded together. oh, and our cloth diapers lasted just fine through several kids --- in fact, i'm still using the last of them for cleaning rags now! it pains me to see that nowdays EACH diaper can cost up to TEN DOLLARS!! crazy!!

i will say, though, that the colors and designs on your new diapers & covers are very neat and very much prettier than just plain white ones.

i'm glad you're liking cloth diapers - i think they're a wise choice.


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