Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hair Bows...

Yesterday when Elsie I went shopping we found this lovely little barrett holder! I have looking for something for awhile to keep all the little barretts in order...and this works perfect! This morning we hung it up on the inside of the of the closet door in the bathroom...I hung it at a low level so Elsie can reach the barretts by sounded like a good idea at the time but I now find barretts all over!
After taking these picture I had an idea for the inside of the closet...I am going to paint it a lovely shade of green...I think it would be so lovely to open the closet door and see a pop of colour! So now I have a new project to work on!


carla said...

cute and clever! and i like the idea of painting the inside of your closet, too. little surprises like that are fun!

(and who in the heck taught you to spell? you KNEW i'd say that right?!!)

~your sassy mother who loves you

carla said...

i stand corrected --- i was wrong! i thought you had spelled the word "barrette" incorrectly - i thought it just had one "r" --- it just looked really weird to me and so i went and looked it up in the dictionary and i was wrong. so, the joke was on me!! that's what i get for being cocky, right?!


-your humbled mother (who has a bad habit of critiquing people)

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